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"MaryFuel® is a highly bioactive cannabis drink that can be enjoyed by all your cells. Full Spectrum cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes let you experience the natural taste. Unlike other ordinary beverages, it does not contain sugar and other additives. Vegan and Organic certification can give you peace of mind."



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"Hello party people,I'm energy plug. let's have a blast tonight together!" - Party Animal

  • What is water-soluble cannabis extract?
    The cannabinoids are naturally oil-soluble substance, it can be converted into water-soluble by micro or nano emulsification. The size of cannabinoids molecules will be reduced to under 100nm even less. After consumption, it reaches the bloodstream very high efficiency.The affects and bioavailability of water-soluble cannabinoids are much more efficiently than the ingestion of standard oil-based compounds.
  • How long can water-soluble cannabinoids infused product effects last?
    The effect of cannabinoids create in the body can range from person to person. For most people, effects will begin to dissipate within 4 to 6 hours, but some may experience sensations for up to 6 to 12 hours. It is important to keep the products away from children and do not drive after drinking cannabis infused products contains THC.
  • How fast will I feel after consume water-soluble cannabinoids?
    It’s always important to understand that cannabinoids affects each person differently. It can depend on your tolerance for cannabis, or even how much you’ve dosed. From most people will likely start feeling the effects of water soluble cannabinoids within 20-40mins.
  • Can I pass drug test after I consume water-soluble cannabis extracts?
    If enough THC is present, it will show up on a drug test.This means most of full spectrum hemp extracts products which contains THC will show positive result in the drug test.
  • Can I bring MaryFuel® on Flight?
    We test cannabinoids profile of every batch of MaryFuel’s products before release to market. The Cannabis Sativa L. derived products which contain THC not exceed 0.2% are not ilegal in most countries. But you still need to check the local legal situation.
  • What is flavor of MaryFuel®?
    MaryFuel’s products extracted from EU GAP and organic certified cannabis Sativa L. It's a little bitter because the original plants and cannabis terpenes flavor. No sugar or other additives.
  • Where I can buy MaryFuel®?
    1, Buy Online on Please visit or click here The delivery time from online store takes 3-7 days in most EU countries. 2,Find local stores: Please visit or click here
  • How do I storage MaryFuel®?
    Store in the cold dry place on 2~8C degrees. Refrigerating is recommended.
  • Where is MaryFuel® produced?
    MaryFuel products produced by Kanna Star Sp. z o. o. which is a licnesed cannabis extraction company located in Poland, the manufacture has been certified by HACCP+food grade cert No.11 2OO78978 BEA.
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